“Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone."

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do?

I specialise in digital marketing, but can help with all areas of your marketing. I mainly work with clients in the digital world, including social media management and content creation, paid advertising, marketing strategy, email marketing, content creation plans, and an audit of your current efforts to see where we can enhance your online presence! 

What experience do you have?

I've been in the communication and digital world for 10 years now. I have a Diploma in Broadcast Journalism from the New Zealand Broadcasting School, as well as my Bachelor of Communications, Digital Business, and Marketing from the University of Waikato. I've contracted to large New Zealand organisations and businesses, and worked across both for-profit and for-purpose organisations, including small one-man businesses to businesses with hundreds of employees.

Do I need to work with you for a while?

This is a tricky one. My social media and paid advertising retainers start with a three-month contract so we can work with your current audience to ensure what we're doing is what they want to see. It takes a while to gain traction - it can take some people up to two years to become a customer, after silently observing what it is you do and working to build / strengthen that brand awareness! Some of my services, like my content templates and consulting advice, can be one-offs, but we'll go over this if you're keen to chat!

What platforms do you work with?

I focus my services on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. I also know my way around a variety of different emailing systems, so I'm happy to work with what you've got in place already (if anything!)

If I wanted to work with you, what sort of budget would I need?

I tailor all my packages to each individual client and their needs. In saying this, my starting package is $495 + GST for the month. This is for social media management, including 10-12 posts/stories/reels planned and posted, as well as one advertisement across Meta (Facebook + Instagram) and a $50 ad spend (this can be increased depending on your goals).

I can do my own social media posting, but I get stuck with content ideas! 

You're not alone! Honestly, I do too! One of my more popular services is the audit and content planning service! I take a look at your current marketing efforts, and let you know how you can implement a few changes to enhance your presence. I can also create three, six, or 12 month posting plans and content ideas for you, so you have something to follow but can manually do the work yourself!

What do you mean by 'social media management'?

You leave your social media accounts in my hands. We have regular planning meetings, and then I plan the content for each month, work with you to ensure I have the content I need to post, create the captions, schedule, analyse, tweak and report on your monthly social media, meaning you have to do very little thinking about it!

If you were stuck on a dessert island and only one meal to eat, what would it be?

I just wanted to add this in! Anything sweet, and freshly baked!

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