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What is a Lifestyle Brand?

A lifestyle brand creates the vision and feelings of the specific lifestyle your customers aspire to. Simply put, a lifestyle brand crafts products, services, and—importantly—stories that are based on the lifestyle your customers aspire to and desire to live.

These brands tap into and influence our emotions, aspirations, and ideologies. They create a connection that embeds their brand into their consumers’ personal identity, fostering a sense of belonging to a community or a mindset they admire. They don’t just sell high heels; they convince consumers that they can be high-flying businesswomen and that their brand can support them in achieving that vision.

You follow lifestyle brands on Instagram even if you don’t own anything they sell (yet) because they represent something about you and the people you want to associate with. They embody the experiences, values, and aesthetics you find appealing and aspire to integrate into your life.

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Emotional Connection

Lifestyle brands evoke emotions and align with the aspirations of their audience. They make consumers feel understood and inspired.

Community and Belonging

These brands foster a sense of community among their consumers. By aligning with a lifestyle brand, consumers feel like they belong to a group of like-minded individuals.

Deep Understanding of Consumers

A lifestyle brand has an incredibly deep understanding of their target consumers’ way of life—not just their demographics but their psychographics. They know the types of experiences their audience craves, as well as the people, places, and things that motivate and inspire them. This understanding is crucial for evoking an emotional connection, creating desire, and inspiring their audience.

Aspirational Storytelling

The stories told by lifestyle brands are aspirational. They paint a picture of the desired lifestyle and show how their products or services can help consumers achieve that lifestyle.

Integration into Personal Identity

The ultimate goal of a lifestyle brand is for their products to contribute to the definition of their consumers’ way of life. Consumers don’t just buy products; they buy into a lifestyle that they identify with and aspire to.

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